Dear Acupuncture of Tarrytown Community,

In the spirit of expansion, we’ve changed our name! Our business is now called the Well Collaborative and we can be found at

Why the name change?

Well, we just didn’t feel like Acupuncture of Tarrytown fully encompassed what we’ve ended up doing with our clients. We are acupuncturists, yes. But more than that, we collaborate with you. Wells are symbols of what gives life and they also symbolize community. Do we give you life? Most certainly not! But we help you to give yourself that, and our focus is shifting to how we can help you transform your life. We see that happening through community and through collaboration and we don’t want to take that for granted.

Thank you all for your patronage and support and we can’t wait to continue working with you through the Well Collaborative.


Chryssa and Erikka