It’s that time of year…

When the weather gets crisper, the days shorter, and we roll out our cold-weather packages!

Five acupuncture treatments for


Five coaching sessions for


Five breathwork sessions for


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Acupuncture of Tarrytown is a hidden gem in the heart of the Rivertowns. Chryssa & Erikka have created a wonderful, healing and nurturing space that is a pleasure to visit. I came to them after nearly a year of infertility and they were kind, reassuring and very helpful in sharing their wisdom and hope. Their acupuncture treatments were revitalizing on some days, relaxing on others - whatever my body and soul needed they could respond to. I am so grateful to have found them and would highly recommend them to anyone else!
— M.M.
Chryssa is a truly skilled acupuncturist who works in tandem with Western medicine. That is, if you’re a skeptic, you can rest easy. I had numbness and tingling in two of my fingers, and she wanted to know what my neurologist had said, because it would help her target her therapy. I never got around to the neurologist, though, because the acupuncture completely took care of my fingers. A sprained ankle was helped along in the healing process, and I now go for a general reset, whereas I used to go in search of a massage. The suite of rooms is calming and professional, while also very much a retreat. Chryssa is skilled, knowledgeable, and warm, without being crunchy. I highly recommend Acupuncture of Tarrytown.
— R.D.
Chryssa and Erikka are extremely professional and knowledgeable. That said, it is their kindness and compassion that sets them apart. I have been visiting these ladies for over a year, and I am physically, mentally, and emotionally stronger for it. Blessed be!
— C.O.