The ancients did it.

Cupping is a therapeutic healing modality, and if it sounds familiar, it could be because it's having its 15 minutes in the media.

It's more than just muscle magic for an olympic athlete, though. 

By eliciting a strong suction (either by pulling the air out with a pump, or burning it out with fire), tight muscles are stretched and relaxed. We use multiple processes to achieve this suction: a process called fire cupping, a process that involves manual-pump suction, and we also use a MediCupping™ machine for facial cupping and sliding cups (more similar to a massage). 

The therapeutic benefit of cupping lies in the fact that when muscles naturally relax, there is a subsequent decrease in pressure on nerves, bones, joints, and connective tissues. 

Tight, spasmed, and painful muscle disorders can put a stop to daily activities, especially if you're an athlete. Cupping allows for greater mobility and less pain.  

In addition to athletic use, cupping can be used to decrease the appearance of cellulite, ward off the common cold, expedite the healing of shingles, reduce minor muscular and nerve pain, increase circulation, and aid in an overall sense of relaxation and well-being.