Welcome to the Dispelling Woo series.

We're here to talk about ancient medicine in the modern world.


We know a lot of you have a lot of questions about how acupuncture works, and why we use some of the terminology we do.

We're here to shed light on the beautiful medicine we as acupuncturist practice so we can share with you what we know as a true path to healing. So first:

Thankfully, Chinese Medicine is not a Faith-Based Medicine.

As with all medicines, there are practices that were once common place to Chinese medicine that are no longer practiced. The medicine now is pretty streamlined and modern, even with our old-school lingo. 

Chinese medicine is based on three separate spiritual paths and as such, it is rooted in the knowledge that there is energy around us and energy within us.


Let's get started.


If you have any particular questions that you'd like answered in this series, we would love to hear from you!