How to Feel More Comfortable In Your Own Skin

We each are born into and spend a lifetime cultivating (either intentionally or not) our individual bodies.

We think about our bodies when they cause trouble. We think about what other people think about our bodies. 

But we don't often think of our bodies as our personal temples, so we'd like to help out with that block.

What are you meat-suit goals?

Think about your daily actions: are they in alignment with self-respect?


What's going on in your ENVIRONMENT?

Chinese Medicine identifies heat, cold, wind, dry, damp, and summerheat as external "pathogens" that can, in essence, take up residence in your body and wreak some havoc. Do you find your joints hurting in the cold? Are you miserable and headachey in a New York August? Do you have a hint of ancraophobia (or is that just me...)? 

HOW WE RESPOND to our external environment tells us a lot about our internal environments: for instance, it stands to reason that someone who cannot function in damp and hot weather probably has some Damp Heat in them, just like someone who responds poorly to wind most likely has some Wind brewin' up in them. 


What food and drink are you taking in?

What we eat and drink can build us up or tear us down. Sometimes, all it takes is basing your diet on whole foods to create drastic and lasting change. 


what thoughts are you taking in?

We digest everything - including what we think. 

So, What Does All of This Mean?


Once you begin to recognize how you respond to your external environment, you have insight into what's going on inside of you. 

Five Ways to Be More Comfortable:

1. If you find yourself uncomfortable, spend some time paying attention to your thoughts. Write them down. What's flitting through? Oftentimes, we are TERRIBLE to ourselves but the thoughts are so quick, we don't even know how atrocious we are being to ourselves.

2. Check your stimulant intake: are you relying on caffeine and/or sugar? If so, begin to cut down - just do me a favor: don't go cold turkey! 

3. Water, water, water. Seriously. Drink up!

4. Take a walk around the block - with your dog, on your lunch break, whatever. Just get moving, and make sure not to rely on your cellphone or any other electronic device that has the propensity to distract you. 

5. Be kind to yourself.