Tis the Season.

Acupuncture is heavily influenced by the theory of the 5 Elements of Chinese Medicine.

Under Elemental Theory, each person has aspects of each element, and each element has a type of personality unto itself. Oftentimes, one prevails in your own personality, so knowing your element allows for a lot more freedom:

smoother interpersonal relationships, more understand of the motives of others, and ultimately more kindness and forgiving.

What drives us with gift-giving can also be colored by the elements. Here are our tips on mindful gift giving, keeping each of the elements in mind.


WOOD: Growth & Flexibility


Are you panning out to see all sides of the person for whom you want to get a gift? Perspective is key, here.

Pro tip:

Think about what you see in a person and with your gift in mind, think: "This is what I'm seeing in you, and I think this side of you would be really happy with what I've found. I'm trying to show you that I see you."



FIRE: Joy & Love


Will this gift inspire joy for the recipient?

Pro Tip:

Ultimately, gifts are given in a celebratory manner. When we're stressed out about gift-giving, the joy is extinguished. So after you've panned out a bit and gained some perspective, remember that gifts are a celebration of a person and/or a relationship. Honor that. Allow for that joy and love.


Earth: Connection & Comfort


Does this gift speak to the recipient? Remember, the point is to connect, so will this gift serve this purpose or will it cause a divide?

Pro Tip:

The idea of giving a gift in the spirit of connection and community and in that vein, it's important to remember that our words and our actions give information to others about ourselves. Are we speaking and acting with others in mind, or are our gifts motivated by more personal reasons? Ultimately, selfishness stands out and is a turn-off to connecting with another human.



METAL: Honor & Value


How do you measure the value of a gift?

Pro Tip:

Ok, hear us out, here: when beginning your search for gifts, take the price tag out of it. This doesn't mean you get the price-prohibitive gifts, but it does free up the option to suss out what it is that you like about a gift, connect with that, and then possibly find something akin to that, something with which you connect, and still within your price range (or something that perhaps doesn't even cost anything - experiences matter, too).


WATER: Drive & Trust


What is your motivation for giving? Are you giving with or without expectation?

Pro Tip:

Giving with deep thought and meaning, selflessly, conveys a message of altruistic love and/or affection to your recipient. And really, that's what the holiday season is all about.