Chinese Medical Nutritional Therapy

We truly are what we eat. 

The prevailing thoughts in our society are that

we eat to stay alive,

we eat in a specific way to have a certain look,

We eat because it's what we do with others.

And because we no longer have a connection with our food source, we move further and further away from the idea of true nourishment:

that food is nutrition, that food is vitality, that food is a source of change.

At Acupuncture of Tarrytown, we focus on clean and whole foods because our focus is on clean and whole human beings. We are what we eat, and what is now provided to us by a for-profit industry is largely not whole and largely not clean. Encased in plastic, our food has gone from a birthright to something of which we need to be conscious consumers. 

Chinese Medicine thinks about food in a few different ways, and most of them interact with the person as an individual. 

However, there are a few parameters around how Chinese Medicine views all people in terms of nutrition, regardless of their pattern. All plans are tailored to ensure the following qualities:

  • Adequate Spleen Function (part of the Earth element, where we take in what is nurturing for us)

  • Hydration

  • General good quality of food

  • Minimal inflammation