Acupuncture isn't just for adults.

And with children, acupuncture isn't just about allergies and upset tummies (though it's great for those ailments, too). 

Acupuncture can help to set good physical and mental habits in place.

Conditions treated include (but not limited to):

fatigue + headaches //stress management // vaccination + immunological support

allergies + asthma // common colds + flu // stomach + intestinal upset

behavioral issues + disorders // psychological issues + disorders // skin problems (eczema, acne, psoriasis)


Shonishin (pediatric acupuncture)

Needles aren't always used for kids, and if your child doesn't want to be needled there are many other tools in our pediatric tool belt that we can use to help your child feel better.

Pediatric Tui na (medical massage)

Children are so sensitive to their environments that oftentimes, needles can move too much energy! In those cases and in cases of musculoskeletal issues, we turn to Chinese medical massage, called Tui Na.