people are talking.

"I had my first acupuncture treatment and although I was a little nervous beforehand, Erikka made it a very relaxing and comfortable experience for me. She's a very warm and friendly person which helped greatly in easing me into things. Erikka described each step of the treatment so I always knew what was happening and afterwards, 

I felt much more carefree, energetic, and positive."

-V.Y.; F, 36

"Erikka has a great tableside manner that makes it easy to identify underlying issues.

She is able to explain things in a way that makes sense even to people with no background in traditional Chinese medicine." 

- J.W.; M, 33

"I feel like a better version of myself."

-W.S.; M, 31

Don't be distracted by Chryssa's kindness and inner/outer beauty.


I showed up with elbow tendonitis and noticed from my weekly visits that I slept better and was less anxious.

So cured by her of tendonitis, I kept going. She takes notes and follows up, asking what is going on/wrong each week.

If I listed everything she has cured, you might not believe me. I am constantly amazed by Chryssa's competency to heal. 

She is gifted.

- J.B.; F, 54

"I came to see Chryssa because I was trying to get pregnant. My cycles were all over the place, and doctors couldn't explain to me why I couldn't conceive.

I'm happy to report that I am in the middle of a very healthy first pregnancy!"

- A.F.; F, 29

When stress strikes, it can attack my shoulders, my back, my knee. It is Erikka's creative solution using a combination of cupping and acupuncture that keeps me on my feet and in front of my classes. 

By understanding holistically how I am reacting to life, she is able to relieve the stress that manifests in pain.

I am more energetic and mobile because of Erikka. 

- N.G.; F, 52

Sciatica has been a constant problem for me and after one treatment it was gone. I didn't go back, but the pain did so went for acupuncture again. Since I've been going regularly,

not only has the shooting pain in my leg gone away, but I'm sleeping better and I've lost a few pounds.

- J.N.; M, 62