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Acupuncture of Tarrytown is a hidden gem in the heart of the Rivertowns.

Chryssa & Erikka have created a wonderful, healing and nurturing space that is a pleasure to visit. I came to them after nearly a year of infertility and they were kind, reassuring and very helpful in sharing their wisdom and hope. Their acupuncture treatments were revitalizing on some days, relaxing on others- whatever my body and soul needed they could respond to.

I am so grateful to have found them and would highly recommend them to anyone else!

- M.C.; F, 36

I can't say enough good things about Erikka and Chryssa. Just two of the nicest people you will ever meet. Kind, warm, awesome people. 

Previously, I had been seeing an acupuncturist at another facility and it was a not a good experience: the woman was nice enough, but she would quickly poke all the needles in, tell me to relax then slam the door on her way out. I would lie there as I heard people talking just outside the door, things slamming into the walls, loud pop music playing, etc. Not relaxing at all. So I sought out a new place and found The Heart to Hand Healing Center. 

I see Erikka for acupuncture and from the get-go she made me feel incredible comfortable. She spent time getting to know me and the issues that I was seeing her for, and customized my acupuncture experience. I've gone to see her two times now and each time, I leave feeling relaxed and stress-free. I've made regular appointments to go back. Highly, highly recommended.

- J.C.; F, 37

"I feel like a better version of myself."

-W.S.; M, 31

Don't be distracted by Chryssa's kindness and inner/outer beauty.


I showed up with elbow tendonitis and noticed from my weekly visits that I slept better and was less anxious.

So cured by her of tendonitis, I kept going. She takes notes and follows up, asking what is going on/wrong each week.

If I listed everything she has cured, you might not believe me. I am constantly amazed by Chryssa's competency to heal. 

She is gifted.

- J.B.; F, 54

Sciatica has been a constant problem for me and after one treatment it was gone. I didn't go back, but the pain did so went for acupuncture again. Since I've been going regularly,

not only has the shooting pain in my leg gone away, but I'm sleeping better and I've lost a few pounds.

- J.N.; M, 62


When stress strikes, it can attack my shoulders, my back, my knee. It is Erikka's creative solution using a combination of cupping and acupuncture that keeps me on my feet and in front of my classes. 

By understanding holistically how I am reacting to life, she is able to relieve the stress that manifests in pain.

I am more energetic and mobile because of Erikka. 

- N.G.; F, 52

I cant say enough good things about this place. Today was my first treatment and was very skeptical as to if acupuncture is a bunch of bullshit or not but after only 1 treatment i feel a weight lifted off my shoulders and a completely relaxed body. Erikka and Chryssa were very kind and gentle and made sure i was comfortable with every step of the process.

I am totally looking forward to next weeks appointment!

- L.D.; F, 28

I have been seeing Chryssa for acupuncture for just over a year and she has done wonders with my anxiety issues.  In addition I recently have been seeing her for life coaching with issues tied to my personal life and her insights and words, just seem to open me up to things I wasn't seeing before.

 It is hard to describe, but she just has a way about her that makes me feel very comfortable confronting things within myself.  

Both her and Erikka are such beautiful souls, and everything at Acupuncture of Tarrytown emanates that.  There are a lot of acupuncturists out there, but Chryssa and Erikka are different.  Go see them... you won't be disappointed!

K.T.; F, 37

I am so very grateful to Acupuncture of Tarrytown. no longer be travel  into the city for services. The space is stunning and, I look forward to my visits ;) I have been working with Erikka for almost 1yr, and I have seen great amount of improvement in severe symptoms related to PCOS, work burn out, back pain, depression and anxiety and constipation.

Erikka is warm, intuitive, great listener, empathic and experienced!

She's prescribed Chinese medicine and I believe the combination have worked wonders! They both seem excellent... This place rocks!!

- J.P.; F, 35

Chryssa and Erikka helped me through the end of my pregnancy and my post partum period.  

Their intuition and professionalism made me comfortable and relaxed and their candidness and sense of humors had me looking forward to every session.  

I don't think I would have managed labor and delivery as well as I did without their guidance and support leading up to the big day. My body felt in balance and my mind was at ease. 
I continue to schedule sessions intermittently for back pain and general wellness but miss having the time like I did pre-baby to do my weekly sessions!
The space is beautiful and calming - it does not feel like a doctors office more like a spa!

- K.D.; F, 29